National Workers

The Importance of Supporting National Workers
The Word of God is the foundation upon which the national Church around the world is being built. And the national workers are the building blocks.
Nation by nation, the national workers play varied and essential roles. In some countries, they must ride a simple motorbike many miles through jungle to reach remote villages where the people have not heard the Good News about Jesus. In other areas the mode of transportation is walking, often barefoot, to plant a church where none exists. Bicycles are a luxury and vital tool for outreach in some lands, allowing indigenous pastors to lead several churches in spread-out locations.
Whether a worship service takes place in a mud hut, under ginseng nets, on a riverbank or in a building, the mission is the same – to reach the people in their country with the incredible message of God’s love and the plan of salvation.
For these workers, sacrifice is not just a word, but a way of life.
Why does Empower Ministries sponsor national workers?
Being fluent in their own language is one reason why supporting national workers makes a lot of sense. Because they are indigenous in their country of ministry, they are unaffected by a variety of local diseases that plague many foreigners. The indigenous pastors we sponsor are proven communicators of the Gospel to their fellow countrymen and are able to live and work effectively in possibly harsh economic and religious environments. They have no visa requirements, nor the extra costs involved with airline tickets and furloughs. Supporting national workers is a very reasonable monthly investment.
Empower Ministries supports national workers in many countries including India, China, Cuba and more. This monthly support provides the pastor and his family with the physical help needed to live while they faithfully carry out their commission. But our assistance also provides vital encouragement as they discover they are not alone in their labours.
What does national worker support provide?
National worker support provides food, housing, clothing and some transportation money for a worker/pastor and his family. This key assistance enables the indigenous pastor to plant and nurture churches. Monthly support makes an incredible difference in the lives of these pastors, making their ministries even more effective.
Will you help us encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ by providing national worker support?
“If I can only have one meal a day, that will provide me with enough strength to preach the Gospel and win many people to Christ.”
                                     …. a devoted national worker