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All About Empower - Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions!
Empower Ministries works closely with the national Church around the world in order to understand their needs and then provide the most practical, culturally appropriate resources available, and distribute them in-country in the most efficient way possible. Often times, this requires innovative solutions.

INDIA - The Key Element of Transportation

INDIA - The Link Between Transportation and Growth

Why is the provision of transportation a key element in church growth?

INDIA - The Importance of Prayer Sheds

What are Prayer Sheds? And Why are They Important to Church Growth in India?
The construction of a "prayer shed" is a vital part of the massive growth of the Church in India today. In this Conversation, you'll hear the key role they play and learn how they provide authenticity, credibility and stability - and why this is important.

INDIA - Devoted, Selfless and Committed

INDIA - Devoted, Selfless and Committed... A Glimpse of India's National Church Planters
This nation is home to one of the largest and fastest growing indigenous missionary movements in the world. At the heart of this movement are the dedicated church planters who commit their lives to sharing the hope of Jesus.

All About Empower - Spiritual Hotspots

Spiritual Hotspots - What are they? And how do they fit into today's missions efforts?
In places where God is moving so powerfully today, large numbers of people are coming to Christ. What are the ingredients present in these great moves of God? And where are they happening?

All About Empower - What does Modern Missions look like?

Modern Missions - What Does That Look Like?
How has missions changed in the last few decades? And how can believers now be the most effective in reaching lost souls in light of all of these changes?

All About Empower - Investing Wisely

Today is a day of opportunity!
God is at work around the world in the spiritual hotspots — areas of massive church planting and church growth. Empower Ministries comes alongside those dedicated national workers and provides the needed tools to expand their outreach even further.