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Ukrainian Jewish Refugees
Urgent assistance Ukraine refugees immigrating Israel
Ukrainian Jewish Refugees

Tens of thousands of Ukrainian Jewish refugees are somewhere on a journey heading to Israel, and many more are anticipated to join them in the days and weeks to follow. They are leaving their homes with nothing. Initially, it will be necessary to assist the dozens of Ukrainian Jewish families placed under Empower’s care for a period ranging from 2 to 6 months. 
Empower’s assistance will be extended in the following ways:
  1. Immediate care in the forms of nutritional food, ample clothing, and exceptionally good housing in hostel-style accommodations.
  2. The families will be arriving with nothing! Therefore, longer term aid will also include appliances, food, furniture and virtually everything needed for a home.
  3. Counselling, emotional support, love, prayer, and ongoing follow-up will be provided, and the love of Yeshua will consistently be displayed and explained to help in their healing.
The needs are immediate. We have an incredible opportunity to provide these Ukrainian families with hope, love, and a future.
Every gift will assist these immigrating refugees.

If you encounter any problem making your donation, please call: 1.800.575.1863
Ukrainian New Testaments
Urgent assistance Ukraine refugees God's Word
New Testaments for the Ukrainian People

There is a desperate and urgent need right now for the Word of God. Thousands of Ukrainian people have died or been wounded in the conflict, with millions being displaced as internal or external refugees. This carnage has filled millions of Ukrainians from all walks of life with fear, despair, hopelessness, and depression. These people are crying out for the hope that comes only through knowing Jesus personally. 
Therefore, Empower is printing New Testaments in both the Ukrainian language and in Russian, for those from the eastern part of Ukraine, who speak Russian. All New Testaments will be given away freely.
The needs are immediate and immense. We have an incredible opportunity to provide these suffering Ukrainians with hope, through God's Word.
Every gift will help provide God's Word to these suffering people. 

If you encounter any problem making your donation, please call: 1.800.575.1863