Frequently Asked Questions

The questions and answers on this page may help to provide you with a

better understanding of Empower Ministries.


What is Empower Ministries?

We are a missions organization that exists to do three things:
  • We search out the spiritual hotspots of the world—those places of spiritual awakenings, often in parts of the world where there is significant persecution and poverty.
  • We support the national Church in those areas where the Church is growing far faster than it can be equipped. We come alongside local leadership—those who are familiar with the language, culture and conditions of their area. These believers are in desperate need of Scriptures, discipleship materials, short term pastoral support and other practical tools to continue the great launching of the power of the Gospel.
  • Then, we share these stories here at home—not so that the Church in North America can be entertained by God's power or even be generous to God's people overseas. But we share these reports so that people in North America can also be confident that God longs to work here as well.

Where does the name "Empower" come from?

The name "Empower" is taken from Acts 1:8 where the Bible tells us:
"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both
in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth."
This ministry was established with the goal of of trying to empower His Church around the world—to give it the tools and necessary resources to fulfill its ministry. Thus the name "Empower."

Is Empower Ministries just a fundraising ministry?

It is true that we would be of no help in equipping the burgeoning Church overseas without funds. But, fundraising is not our motivation.
Our goal is not just to invite people to meet needs around the world. Instead, we want our partners to be confident that they are investing wisely in something that will multiply over and over again, and will last for eternity. At the same time, we want our partners to be confident that they are as valuable and important to us as those we are equipping overseas. 

What do you mean when you talk about the national Church?

The national Church refers to those indigenous, born again Christians who live and minister in their country of birth, regardless of denominational affiliation or background. 

Why empower national workers?

Because national workers are:
  • Fluent in their native language
  • Already resident in their area of ministry
  • Supported for as little as $30 to $130 per month
  • Proven communicators of the Gospel to fellow countrymen
  • Culturally attuned
  • Able to live and work effectively in harsh economic and hostile religious environments

How can the Church in Canada empower national churches?

The Church in Canada can assist the national Church in three specific ways, as reported to us by the Christian leaders in country after country around the world:
1. Pray that God will give them the courage and the opportunities to preach the Word of God.
2. Pray that God will open the ears of all the lost souls to whom they are ministering.
3. Provide needed physical tools to carry out their ministries. They need Bibles—millions and millions of Bibles! They need New Testaments and tracts. Sometimes they need a bicycle, or a  motorcycle. Other times their need is for teaching materials or funding to get all their pastors together in a certain locale to teach them and to train them in the Word of God.

How can I help national believers?

There are two primary ways:
1. Give them the Word of God. They need Bibles and New Testaments by the millions for new believers. Empower Ministries prints these at incredibly low prices. For instance, a Chinese Bible printed on commercial presses for the house church movement is $2.00. A Spanish New Testament is only $.75.
2. Their other great need is for short-term national worker support. You can support a national worker and his family, providing them with food, housing, clothing and some transportation money for as little as $30 per month.
This is how you can lead hundreds to Christ without leaving Canada: Empower national believers to win the lost and equip them to disciple His Church.


If you would like to empower a national worker, contact us and request our How Can I Help? brochure.