God's Triumphal Parade

Scriptures for Ukrainian Refugees and El Salvador

New Testaments for the Ukrainian People
There is a desperate and urgent need right now for the Word of God. Thousands of Ukrainian people have died or been wounded in the conflict, with millions being displaced as internal or external refugees. This carnage has filled millions of Ukrainians from all walks of life with fear, despair, hopelessness, and depression. These people are crying out for the hope that comes only through knowing Jesus personally. 
Therefore, Empower is printing New Testaments in both the Ukrainian language and in Russian, for those from the eastern part of Ukraine, who speak Russian. All New Testaments will be given away freely.
The needs are immediate and immense. We have an incredible opportunity to provide these suffering Ukrainians with hope, through God's Word.
Every gift will help provide God's Word to these suffering people. To donate, click this image below.


Scriptures for El Salvador

An aggressive church planting network of Bible-believing churches in this small Central American country of 6.8 million people is in desperate need of Scriptures. In the past 5 years, they have witnessed an extraordinary and increasing hunger for God throughout the country, and especially in areas of great poverty and hardship. The primary goal of this church network is evangelism and church planting—but they need our assistance desperately and immediately!

The response to the Gospel in all of their ministries is increasing rapidly. This powerful turning to God is due primarily to the effects of Covid when many people lost jobs and family members, but also to the pervading effects of sin in the community. Their greatest need is for the Word of God in the form of Bibles, New Testaments, and Children’s Bibles and Gospels.
Therefore, Empower is immediately beginning to print and deliver to these Spanish speaking churches – Free of Charge – Bibles, New Testaments, Children’s Gospels, and a variety of other Scripture material as the needs arise. And more will be printed and delivered in years to come as people accept Christ and requests continue to grow.
Every gift will help provide God's Word to the people of El Salvador. To donate, click this image below.