Good News - God is Still at Work!

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Empower's Good News - God is Still at Work!

In these uncertain days, Empower’s Situation Reports are focusing on Good News! God is still at work! Empower is sending out the latest updates from our national church leaders to encourage you and your friends. Here is an excerpt: 
Dear Friends,
I must admit to you, I'm becoming tired of hearing bad news! I'm fully aware of the seriousness of the global situation revolving around the coronavirus outbreak—the crashing of stock markets—the current and growing death tolls in country after country—the widespread panic and fear in the hearts of many people. All of this is very real and serious.
But, a few days ago, while I was driving my car and praying for friends and this dire situation, the Lord clearly spoke to me about Empower Ministries’ role during this critical time in history and what I must do now. The Holy Spirit impressed upon me: "Encourage my sheep. Show them that God is at work."
Therefore, for the next little while, to follow the Lord's directions, I will send short emails every few days, as well as mailed letters every few weeks for those who aren't on our email list. These messages will highlight a variety of countries and regions where the Kingdom of God is expanding rapidly during this period of social and spiritual upheaval. As I have stated over the years—"There is no panic in heaven."
We will edit these updates and stories to make them safe for you to forward on to your friends, family members, and other contacts, so that you may encourage them as well. Please feel free to post the updates on websites and social media as you wish.
Let us turn this scenario around to show that believers in Christ—Christians—are keeping their focus on eternal matters and not only on the current problems of this life.
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And What Did our National Church Partners Tell us During the Time of Upheaval?
Our recent talks with national church leaders have revealed an overwhelmingly consistent theme. In sharing their appraisals, they talk not only about where the Church is at this point in time, but also where God is leading them in the future. Believers from every corner of the globe are receiving one clear message from the Lord, and this message is comprised of five main components. Not surprisingly, these are the same components that comprise an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, which many of the national churches are experiencing today:
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