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One of the best ways to invest in missions today is by putting needed ministry tools into the hands of dedicated national believers.

Empower Ministries exists to strengthen and equip national churches in countries where the indigenous Church is expanding at unprecedented rates, and to assist in revitalizing the Church in Canada. We invite you to help extend God's Kingdom by participating with Empower Ministries in the projects listed below. Click here to request our How Can I Help? project sheet. You can also donate online.

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The Number One Request!

The number one request we receive from our national partners in country after country is for Scriptures.

Bibles - complete Bibles with durable covers, in the languages requested by the National Church. (as little as $2 per Bible) 

New Testaments - for new believers, containing a 32-page section on "How to accept Christ" and "Now that you're a new believer." (as little as $1 per copy)

Individual Gospels - sections of the Bible (e.g. Gospel of Luke) for evangelistic outreach ($ .10 to $ .35 each)

Tracts - Scripture intensive for widespread evangelistic distribution (only pennies per copy)

Discipleship materials - booklets designed and produced by Empower Ministries to meet the needs of the National Church and start new believers on their walk of faith with God

Solar-powered audio New Testaments - pocket size, to allow illiterate new believers to learn God's Word

Needs and Costs

Printing in large quantities allows us to print the needed Scriptures at low costs. For example, we print high quality Bibles for China for $2 per copy and Spanish New Testaments for only $1 each.

To request our How Can I Help? sheet, listing current printing needs click here.  






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National Workers

National Worker Support

One of the most powerful ways to be involved in effective missions today is through the support of national (indigenous) workers. Through Empower Ministries, you can partner with these dedicated national workers and their ministries without ever leaving Canada. Your partnership will result in churches being planted and people coming to Christ.

National worker support provides food, housing, clothing and some transportation money enabling an indigenous pastor and his family to evangelize and plant churches. This support costs as little as $30 per month.

National Worker Training

In many countries, national workers are in need of training due to varying factors. In some cases, the fast growth rate of the Church creates an urgent need for pastors. Often the cost of training is prohibitive to many in areas of poverty and need. Other restrictions may keep pastors from receiving training.

Empower Ministries assists with this great need by helping with training seminars, which are conducted by qualified national teaches as well as gifted foreign instructors.

Pastors' Libraries

An essential tool desperately needed by numerous pastors is a theological study library. Pastors long to have access to reference books and Study Bibles to assist them in leading their churches. These books allow them to delve deeper into God's Word. A typical pastor's library will include eight to twelve theological and training books as well as a pastor's Study Bible.

Funding for Bible School Training for National Workers

Pastors in many countries face a great problem that many in North America only dream of - having so many Christians coming to the Lord that they can't keep up with them! A key ingredient to the growth and development of these new believers is having trained pastors to lead them. Our assistance enables young pastors to receive essential theological training at a low cost and gives them the tools needed to effectively pastor their flocks.

Your partnership to provide the tools and resources needed by national workers can make a huge difference in their ministries.






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Ministry Tools

A national worker is able to operate with increased effectiveness when provided with essential ministry tools.

Bicycles, motorcycles, boats and vans improve the travel times of national workers and multiply their outreach and effectiveness in sharing the Gospel and planting churches.

Computers, lanterns, ceiling fans and desks are a few of the basic items needed by our national partners.

Generators, riverboats for evangelism and sound systems are only some of the items that are desperately needed by national workers, yet often not available due to financial constraints.

To provide needed ministry tools, click here.






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Compassionate Assistance

Opportunities often arise to help with the urgent physical needs of those who are suffering for the sake of the Kingdom. Assistance is also given to those outside the church body to show God's love and provide the National Church with a platform to communicate the Gospel. Our help comes in various forms:

  • Food for refugee families fleeing due to religious persecution or natural disaster.
  • Care for the "forgotten ones" includes assisting orphans and widows connected to the ministry of the National Church. e.g. funeral costs and interim assistance for widows whose husbands have been martyred.
  • Children's ministries by providing literature and resources to the National Church. Before and after school programs include meals and school supplies to reach children and their families with the Gospel.
  • Emergency assistance to help suffering Christians with food, blankets, mosquito nets, salt, malaria medication, cooking utensils or shelter for those national workers whose day-to-day provisions have been restricted because of their faith.





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Invest in Canada

You may not realize that Empower Ministries is also at work in Canada with the goal to strengthen and equip believers and Christian leaders in our own nation. We do this in many ways, including the following:

1. We report the good news of God’s amazing work around the world to the national Church (believers) in Canada.

We do this through our correspondence in the form of letters, publications, CDs, and our website, as well as on radio and television, and personally by taking part in conferences and speaking in churches.

Through this aspect of our work, Empower Ministries serves as an eyewitness reporter of what God is doing in our world today. Our reports are not the usual ones you may hear. Our connections with the people working in the spiritual hotspots provide fresh and current reports from those living and working in the thick of the action. These unique updates set us apart, as we provide valuable situation reports from the areas of powerful spiritual growth.

2. We supply Canadian churches, ministries and believers with printed scriptural materials.

We receive many requests from Canadians for various materials in many languages. When we print our international print runs, we arrange for small quantities of those printed items to be sent here to Canada in order to make them available in our country. As we are able, we supply these materials in various languages to ministries in Canada for their outreach.  

Many ministries and individuals in Canada desperately need the resources we have at our fingertips. This is literally the national Church of Canada asking for help in the same way as do the national churches around the world. Therefore, we maintain our pattern of ministry, even when it is occurring here at home.






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