Compassionate Assistance

Opportunities often arise to help with the urgent physical needs of those who are suffering for the sake of the Kingdom. Assistance is also given to those outside the church body to show God's love and provide the National Church with a platform to communicate the Gospel. Our help comes in various forms:

  • Food for refugee families fleeing due to religious persecution or natural disaster.
  • Care for the "forgotten ones" includes assisting orphans and widows connected to the ministry of the National Church. e.g. funeral costs and interim assistance for widows whose husbands have been martyred.
  • Children's ministries by providing literature and resources to the National Church. Before and after school programs include meals and school supplies to reach children and their families with the Gospel.
  • Emergency assistance to help suffering Christians with food, blankets, mosquito nets, salt, malaria medication, cooking utensils or shelter for those national workers whose day-to-day provisions have been restricted because of their faith.





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