Invest in Canada

You may not realize that Empower Ministries is also at work in Canada with the goal to strengthen and equip believers and Christian leaders in our own nation. We do this in many ways, including the following:

1. We report the good news of God’s amazing work around the world to the national Church (believers) in Canada.

We do this through our correspondence in the form of letters, publications, CDs, and our website, as well as on radio and television, and personally by taking part in conferences and speaking in churches.

Through this aspect of our work, Empower Ministries serves as an eyewitness reporter of what God is doing in our world today. Our reports are not the usual ones you may hear. Our connections with the people working in the spiritual hotspots provide fresh and current reports from those living and working in the thick of the action. These unique updates set us apart, as we provide valuable situation reports from the areas of powerful spiritual growth.

2. We supply Canadian churches, ministries and believers with printed scriptural materials.

We receive many requests from Canadians for various materials in many languages. When we print our international print runs, we arrange for small quantities of those printed items to be sent here to Canada in order to make them available in our country. As we are able, we supply these materials in various languages to ministries in Canada for their outreach.  

Many ministries and individuals in Canada desperately need the resources we have at our fingertips. This is literally the national Church of Canada asking for help in the same way as do the national churches around the world. Therefore, we maintain our pattern of ministry, even when it is occurring here at home.






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