The Number One Request!

The number one request we receive from our national partners in country after country is for Scriptures.

Bibles - complete Bibles with durable covers, in the languages requested by the National Church. (as little as $2 per Bible) 

New Testaments - for new believers, containing a 32-page section on "How to accept Christ" and "Now that you're a new believer." (as little as $1 per copy)

Individual Gospels - sections of the Bible (e.g. Gospel of Luke) for evangelistic outreach ($ .10 to $ .35 each)

Tracts - Scripture intensive for widespread evangelistic distribution (only pennies per copy)

Discipleship materials - booklets designed and produced by Empower Ministries to meet the needs of the National Church and start new believers on their walk of faith with God

Solar-powered audio New Testaments - pocket size, to allow illiterate new believers to learn God's Word

Needs and Costs

Printing in large quantities allows us to print the needed Scriptures at low costs. For example, we print high quality Bibles for China for $2 per copy and Spanish New Testaments for only $1 each.

To request our How Can I Help? sheet, listing current printing needs click here.  






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Desperate Need for God's Word
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