There is an immediate and powerful opportunity to share the Gospel with millions of souls who have been languishing in the deception of an ancient religion that is over 3,000 years old. 

Since the outbreak of Covid in March 2020, the Body of Christ has skyrocketed in size and the spiritual depth of believers in this region has significantly deepened. An intense fire of the Holy Spirit is burning bright within the hearts of new and older Christians alike. Unbelievers are observing this mighty transformation in the lives of new Christians and are then seeking to experience the same miraculous change.

Please assist us in providing these urgent needs to fuel the revival in India.

  • Pastoral/​evangelist training (hundreds into the thousands need this training)
  • Jesus Festivals ($350 each) and village Mini Crusades ($100 each)
  • Transportation – motorcycles ($1,000 each) and vans
  • Tents and outdoor sound systems
  • Short-term church pastoral support
  • Medical aid and compassionate assistance for the persecuted and oftentimes imprisoned pastors and their families

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