International Reports

Empower Ministries is active in assisting the national Church in those countries highlighted on the map. Please join us in praying for the multitude of believers in many nations who regularly face great hardship in the form of poverty and persecution.


Empower's Good News - God is Still at Work!

In these uncertain days, Empower’s Situation Reports are focusing on Good News! God is still at work! Empower is sending out the latest updates from our national church leaders to encourage you and your friends. These messages highlight a variety of countries and regions where the Kingdom of God is expanding rapidly during this period of social and spiritual upheaval. As I have stated over the years—"There is no panic in heaven."
My first report includes an encouraging update from Israel: 
Israelis as a whole are becoming incredibly interested in the "End Times"—something that has never happened before. Because the coronavirus is a global event and not a localized war around them, they are wondering if this might be related to the return of the Messiah...... READ MORE
We asked the leaders of national churches around the world this question. Their answer revealed an overwhelmingly consistent theme. They talk not only about where the Church is at this point in time, but also where God is leading them in the future. Their message and theme is comprised of five main components. Click here to read these components which also comprise an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, which many of the national churches are experiencing today.