God is rebuilding El Salvador! Evangelical churches are growing, and the power of the Gospel to change lives is on full display. But the greatest miracle of all is currently taking place in the prisons, where gang members and hardened criminals are experiencing true repentance.

Empower is equipping the National Church with the following:

Bibles for Families and Christian Prisoners ($3.25 each) who do not have a full Bible, as well as for those who will be accepting the Lord in the next few months/​years.

New Testaments ($1.25 each) for honest seekers in hospitals, for street ministry outreaches, and extremely poor families who cannot afford to buy a copy.

Children’s Bibles for children ages 4 to 12 who are attending the more than 400 church sponsored and run After School Programs” on weekday afternoons. Children receive Christian education, help with homework and some food.

Life Application Study Bibles for the Inmate Pastors ($35 each) – These are for the prisoners who have a deeper knowledge of God’s Word and ways, and who have an anointing and a calling to act as shepherds of the flock behind bars. But they need Bibles with extensive notes and commentaries to be fully effective.

Police/​Military Bibles will be developed and printed with supplementary material designed for police officers and soldiers who see the miracle of God’s transformative power and seek to know who is behind such monumental change.

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