Country Profile

Albania (Kosovo, North Macedonia, Greece, Italy, Montenegro)

Albania, along with the Albanian-speaking countries in its vicinity, is currently witnessing an extraordinary outpouring of the Spirit, leading to an unprecedented growth of the Church.

There has been an explosion of growth in the number of churches and hungry believers in the Balkans. Amidst this unprecedented spiritual growth, there is a hunger for the Bible, a surge in evangelism resulting in water baptisms, and a desire for in-depth evangelism.

Albania is a small country located in Southeastern Europe, bordered by Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Greece. It has a diverse landscape, with stunning coastlines along the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, and rugged mountains in the interior. The country has a rich history dating back to ancient times, with influences from the Illyrians, Romans, Byzantines, and Ottomans. Albania gained independence in 1912 and experienced communist rule under Enver Hoxha from 1944 to 1992

Albania indeed has a unique history of religious tolerance and coexistence, despite the majority of the population identifying as Muslims. This religious diversity is characterized by the presence of significant Christian communities, including Orthodox Christians, Catholics, and a growing number of Evangelical believers. 

The historic religions of the area are experiencing a decline in faith, particularly among young people who are seeking meaning and a connection with God. In this climate of spiritual hunger for answers, national, Bible-believing pastors are actively reaching out to share the message of Jesus as the hope for the Balkans and beyond. Despite the relatively small size of most churches, there is a steady increase in interest in the Gospel, with Albanian-speaking individuals seeking explanations from followers of Christ about the fulfillment they find in Jesus.

Official Name
Republic of Albania
Form Of Government
Parlimentary Democracy
2,832,439 (2023)
Official Languages
Major Religions
Islam, Christianity, Atheism

Empower Response in Albania

Empower has formed a strategic partnership with prominent national church planting ministries in Albania to provide valuable resources and support for the remarkable growth of the church in the country. We have been overwhelmed by the remarkable reports of the Spirit’s outpouring on believers and churches. The growth in the number of churches and the depth of new believers has far exceeded our expectations. 

Children's Ministry

Local churches and ministries are experiencing a surge in demand for the Gospel message. Youth ministry in Albania is particularly vibrant, with many young people turning to Christianity for answers to their many questions about the future and the meaning of life.

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There is an ever-growing hunger for the Word of God in Albania.

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Critical Needs

There is a significant need for food and emergency supplies of essentials for believers and seekers in Albania living in desperate situations.

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