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The Romani people (who have historically referred to themselves as gypsies) are experiencing today a widespread movement of the Holy Spirit, while at the same time undergoing historic prejudicial treatment at the hands of many people from several European nations.

Despite ongoing trials, the born-again Serbian Romani churches are dramatically growing in numbers, spiritual depth, and a determination to identify with Jesus and follow Him closely. 

Serbia is a landlocked country in Southeastern Europe bordered by a number of countries such as Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Romania. The Romani people came to the Balkans in the 13th century and are the largest minority group in Serbia. The Romani have always faced discrimination and prejudice. They have high rates of unemployment and those who are working are customarily employed in farming and manufacturing. Serbia was once a part of Yugoslavia until they and Montenegro abandoned the name in 2003.

The majority of the Romani people in Serbia identify themselves religiously as being Muslim, Roman Catholic, or Eastern Orthodox in belief. However, there is a growing evangelical/​full gospel church movement that is growing rapidly in the Romani community. The Spirit of God has been moving powerfully among them over the past two decades, with new Romani churches being established throughout the country, and, somewhat surprisingly, those from other religious backgrounds are becoming true believers in Christ as they see their transformed lives on display.

Offical Name
Socialist Republic of Serbia
Form Of Government
Parliamentary Republic
7,129,613 (2023) Estimated Romani Population in Serbia: 250,000 to 500,000
Official Language
Eastern Orthodox, Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam.

Empower Ministries’ Response

Empower Ministries has aligned itself with a cluster of 14 Roma churches in the Leskovac region. The central Romani church congregation currently numbers over 700 with hundreds of children and youth attending, as well. It is the largest evangelical group in the country presently. Water baptisms are regularly celebrated in the churches with hundreds being baptized annually. Bible studies and Christian gatherings for children and youth are regularly held with extremely large numbers attending and being discipled in their faith. 

Compassionate Assistance

Especially due to the spinoff effect of unemployment on the Romani economy due to Covid-19, Empower has been able to assist the believers and unbelievers in this region with loving assistance in the form of food packages, firewood, clothes, shoes, seeds, and seedlings for replanting gardens. These various items are desperately needed but for most unattainable due to lack of funds. By distributing these goods through the local Romani church network, believers and unbelievers alike began to see that the Body of Christ was concerned about their wellbeing, whereas traditionally they have felt ostracized and unloved. Since poverty and unemployment are widespread, Empower has a great opportunity to bless the Romani people and display before them the love of God that only the Holy Spirit can produce.

Provide Compassionate Assistance


It is imperative to undergird the moving of the Spirit of God with the Word of God or it will over time dissipate. The same principle is true in what is currently developing among the Romani people. This is why Empower is printing and freely distributing thousands of Bibles and New Testaments to feed the spiritual hunger that is growing stronger in the Romani community. A Bible costs $3.25 and a New Testament is $1.60 to produce.

Provide Scripture

Church Planting and Outreach

There are many Romani towns and villages that need to be reached with the Gospel. As already existing congregations reach out to these areas, it is necessary to provide them with the supplies necessary to lead others to Christ and organize church gatherings around the new converts. This involves Empower providing such assistance as, materials and supplies for Christian education; musical instruments; fuel and conveyances for outreach; food for outreach events; and, funds for rented facilities to begin a new congregation.

Support Church Planting Outreach

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