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An estimated one million believers lived in China when communism gripped the nation in 1949.

Today, China is home to the fastest growing Church in the world with approximately 130 million Christians and a reported expansion rate of millions more per year. This intense growth comes from an insatiable hunger to fill the God-shaped void, produced by a communist, atheistic political system, with a deep and satisfying walk with God. 

In 1949, Chairman Mao Zedong led China into a harsh communist rule, gaining control of the vast majority of the country. The only areas not enveloped by communism were Taiwan and Hong Kong, the latter of which reverted back to Chinese rule in 1997. Since 2012, President Xi Jinping has become the most powerful leader in China’s history, consolidating his power and making amendments to the Constitution of China, eliminating term limits on his presidency. His primary goal is to strengthen loyalty to the Communist Party and destroy all forces that the government deems a threat. However, the robust economy that he oversaw since the beginning of his term has recently diminished substantially, with massive unemployment and financial uncertainty now firmly entrenched in the most populous nation in the world.

Christianity is divided into two primary divisions in China today. The vast number of Christian believers belong to the House Church movement which is thriving and multiplying despite widespread government limitations and persecution. Theologically, it is almost completely evangelically based. The other major division is the Three-Self Patriotic Movement which is the government-run and controlled official Church. Within the Three-Self are both Protestant and Catholic churches. Even though the Three-Self Churches are governed in doctrine and practice by communist directives, there are many firm born-again believers in the churches. 

Persecution of believers and pastoral leadership exists almost totally in the realm of the House Church Movement. During the Cultural Revolution of the 1970s, persecution was severe with many put in prison for their faith and a large number dying as martyrs. Today, persecution has taken on the form of restrictions, penalties, and punishment for breaking state rules on religious activities and beliefs. President Xi views Christianity as a significant danger to the country and his leadership because Christians are so unified and pledge allegiance to another foreign leader – Jesus Christ. Regardless of the political pressure and persecution, the church in China continues to grow and expand. The Holy Spirit is providing believers with new insights and creative strategies to compensate for the increased persecution and widespread surveillance. 

Official Name
People's Republic of China
Form Of Government
Communist State
1,425,486,438 (2023)
Folk religion, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Unaffiliated 51.8%

Empower’s Response in China


God's Word is in extremely high demand and very short supply in China. House Church leadership has communicated to Empower that their minimum current need is for 40 million copies of the Bible. Empower prints and delivers to the House Church believers a “huge number” of Bibles each year at a cost of approximately $2.50 per Bible. (For security reasons, we are unable to provide details on “How, Where and How Many” Bibles are printed annually.)

Provide Bibles

Underground Bible Schools

Chinese underground Bible schools equip and prepare young people to assume pastoral and church planter positions in the fast-growing house church movement. Support provides a student with food, accommodations, teachers, a Bible, study books and supplies, and comprehensive training. The costs vary according to situations and regions, but generally, this costs approximately $50 / per student / month.

Support Underground Bible Schools

Church Planter Support

Dedicated national church planters are living sacrificial lives to plant churches and reach lost souls with the Gospel in this country where multitudes are desperately hungry for God. Monthly support provides food, housing, clothing, and some transportation money for a church planting family. In rural or small-town situations, Empower provides support at a level of $150 / month.

Provide Church Planter Support

Criticial Needs

Chinese pastors are often unable to gather with their congregations due to restrictions. Therefore, many pastors and their families are going hungry, unable to receive support, and having no opportunity to work at other jobs. As well, many pastors, once they have been released from prison, need short-term assistance. This is because many are malnourished, beaten, and develop severe medical conditions while incarcerated for their faith. It is, therefore, necessary to help these suffering families until the pastor is well enough to continue in ministry.

Give to Critical Needs

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